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  1. The less speed you have the less noticable the countersteering comes, to the point where steering is neutral (20mph is quite correct to most of the bikes/wheels configuration). And you don't want to teach students with the bike that can turn only to left. Not only its technically quite a challenge to build, but to teach something that simple - once its understood, its incredibily simple, like all ingenious things - with something very complicated, does not make sense. And, if you can't really turn, most will crash. Not a good way to memorize things (Bang! OK, i got the countersteering now, what else you have? )
  2. One additional thing i would recommend is "dry drill". Put your bike to stand (not the leaned one but similar to those they use in racing. Get on the bike and lean to your "good" side. Remember the body position, arms, legs, torso, how are wrists, elbows. Hang off even more - get some guys to support the bike, if needed, usually your SRs (Survival Reactions) fire up before the bike is even close to fall from stand . Again, remember your position. Now, get to the other, your "bad" side. How are your arms, elbows, torso? Lower body is quite off the seat but upper body still over the tank ? Arms tense, head up ? Try to recall, how it was on your good side and do a mentally a mirror image. Or let somebody take pictures and later you can compare them, side by side. Switch sides alternatively until you'll get a good crasp and FEELING, how your body was. Next time on the corner your body will remember it and so do you. Besides, its easier to take correct position because you have practised it earlier nad know how to do it - you have reference point. I fell in love with a sweet sensation I gave my heart to a simple chord I fell in love with a new religion whatever happened tu my rock n'roll (BRMC: "Faster" movie soundtrack) all best,
  3. I saw a motorcycle accident pretty much the same that you described. Car made sudden manoeuvre to left line right before the traffic lights, motorcycle, which was approx 4 car lengths behind, braked heavily with first wheel, lost traction and lowsided the bike which continued to drag for some time but STOPPED BEFORE impact with the "damn" car. Would have been better to just steer away, not even using the brakes? Maybe, under heavy braking its harder to steer anyway. Which one has better stopping power: footpeg+armside+plastic fairing or rubber tire? I have not attended yet to Superbike School but I know they have a special bike there to practice hard braking - it has balance wheels which keeps the bike upright even if you manage to lock front wheel for a long time, not letting your SR (survival reactions) ease off and let go the brake lever. It takes both practice AND understanding of the situation and your SRs related to those situatsions. Keep your head cool, rubberside down and next time look where you want to go instead of looking objects you dont want to hit! All best.
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