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  1. Aww man...it censored me! The ### in my post are supposed to be a word synonymous with poop.
  2. Although Timmer is what everybody usually calls me, I'm really surprised that you guys couldn't come up with something more creative for mine. I am the #1 ###### giver and ###### taker at the US school and "Timmer" is the best you guys have got? Come on! Haha Something tells me I might regret posting this. Haha
  3. Hey Dragon Lady, The CodeRACE school and the two day camps are totally different curriculum. The RACE school is for strictly racing oriented stuff...passing, starts, racing lines, etc. It's for people who currently race or want to go racing. The two day camp focuses on your riding technique...how to go through a corner smoother, faster, more confident etc. I would definitely suggest taking the two day camp before the RACE school...it is the best training we offer. Hope this helps... if you have any other questions give the office a call and they will be glad to answer them. Timmer Riding Coach California Superbike School
  4. Hey purrrs2, Like Stuman said it sounds like you are ready for Level 2. If you feel like you need a little refresher you could always brush up by reading Twist of the Wrist 1 and 2. I find reading those now and then really helps keep my understanding sharp for coaching at the schools. Timmer
  5. Green Knight, I would focus more on leg and abdominal workouts since these are the muscles you use the most on a motorcycle. Lunges, jogging, or bicycling. In fact most of the school staff are avid runners or bicyclers. The Bowflex is also an awesome tool to use to get in shape for riding season. Timmer
  6. Ray, Glad to hear that you enjoy our forum so much! Keith's teachings really do make a difference. Now you have to make it out to a school. Not only will you learn a ton but they are an absolute blast! Especially at Laguna Seca. See ya then. Timmer
  7. Carlos, If you call the office at 800-530-3350 they can give you the availability for the schools you are interested in. Timmer
  8. Bhairava, How do slide the rear tire? Easy, you apply the throttle coming off the corner until the rear tire starts to spin. Once the tire starts to spin you slowly roll off the throttle. Garry McCoy is VERY skilled at modulating the throttle to make the long slides that you see him make when he exits corners. It takes lots of practice. The rear brake is usually not used to make the rear slide, unless the rider is using it coming INTO the corner. This is sometimes what causes the rear tire to slide around when guys are "backing it in" to a corner. When you do Level 4 at the Superbike School you get to ride our Slide Bike where you will learn how to deal with rear wheel slides. It is a lot of fun too! Timmer
  9. KSS, You sound like the perfect student to me! If you want to improve your riding then the Superbike School is perfect for you. As an instructor I have seen students of all experience levels. I think it is great that you really want to focus on your technique and not just "going fast". I am sure if you do it this way you will find that the speed will come. Don't worry about other students. All the tracks we do have plenty of space and anyway it is not a race. Hope to see you at a school soon. Timmer
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