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  1. Hi All, We are going to a new track (for us) in Bowling Green, KY. The National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park (NCM) As always, we prefer to have corner marshals that are riders and would like to trade track time for time in corners helping us keep an eye on our students. Former students are a plus but not an absolute. At each of our tracks we have a crew of corner marshals, headed up by a Lead Corner Marshal. I am looking for someone who is interested in taking this on in the area. If you are interested, please email me at: trevor@superbikeschool.com We are looking at covering 6 turns right now, so would need a total of 9 corner marshals, 6 in turns with 2 rotating each riding session and 1 in the pits helping the mechanics. Thanks in advance, Trevor Course Control
  2. Hi All, Our first school of the year is next weekend, Feb 15 and 16 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I am currently a couple of corner marshals short for those two days and wanted to see if any of you in the area would like to come out and help us out? The low down. Be at the track by 8 am, out in stations by 9 am, rotate between sitting in turns watching the students and riding on the track. When riding you would be expected to follow the format for that session. Also obey our passing rules. At lunch the track is open to a "free" ride for the corner marshals without students on track. Corner marshals get between 4-6 riding session each day not including lunch. Let me know if you are interested. trevor@superbikeschool.com Thanks, Trevor Course Control
  3. Hi All, Your friendly neighborhood Course Control here. We are a little shy right now for the first set of schools at Streets later this month. We are looking for volunteers to come out and help us put on the school by watching the students on the track in the turns and getting some free track time too. Schools: March 25th March 26th March 27th and March 28th If you are interested in coming out any of those days please email me ASAP. trevor@superbikeschool.com The way it works is: Watch corners for 2 sessions ride 1 session, repeat. Pretty simple right?! Hope to see you out there. Trevor
  4. Hi All, We are looking for some good guys to come out and cornerwork for us at The Ridge on July 16th and 17th. Here's the rundown of what you get for coming out. FREE TRACK TIME!!!!! We are looking to cover 5-6 turns. Which means we need 8-9 cornerworkers, 5-6 in stations and 2 riding, 1 helping the mechanic. You would wind up watching your turn for 2-3 sessions and then ride 1 session, then watch again. If you are interested please contact me. Trevor Pennigton Course Control 323-224-2734 trevor@superbikeschool.com Thanks, T-
  5. Hi All, Your neighborhood Course Control here, looking for a couple of cornerworkers for the 10th of May at New Jersey Motorsports Park (Thunderbolt Raceway). My Head Cornerworker for the area is looking for 2 Cornerworkers to fill his roster and help out at the school. In exchange you get to take some laps on one of the staff's favorite raceways in the US. He put together some information on cornerworking here: cornerworking If you are interested in getting on the roster for NJMP, even if you can't do the 10th please contact me and I will forward your information to the Head Cornerworker. Hope to see you at the track. Trevor trevor@superbikeschool.com
  6. Managed to split in three directions at once this last week. Keith and Dylan flew to India and are wrapping up there this week, will be back on US soil on the 1st of Feb. Pete got to fly out to Hawaii for work. Me, Cobie and Whitney got to fly to NYC for the IMS there... It was COLD! :-) Looking forward to the first school in Vegas on February 19th and 20th, only a few spots left if you are interested. The track is a fun track that we run both directions over the 2 days.
  7. Seriously, if we all were allowed to pick our own nicknames we'd all be known as: Champ The Boss Ace Maverick Iceman etc, etc,
  8. Thanks again to Rainman, he really kept this forum from becoming a smut filled wasteland while we worked to get the updates and some more security in place. The SPAMers mananged to get around all of the security precautions that are the standard for most forums, I wouldn't want to have to monitor more then one forum with how good the SPAMers are now. I was sweating just from trying to "Whack-a-Mole" them on this one. (Thanks to Rainman for that phrase too).
  9. Hi Albert, Starting out on the BMW S1000 RR will be fine for you. We had a lot of first time track riders ride it last year and it is a very manageable bike. When you sign up sign up for Level 1 on the first day and then Level 2 on the second day. Each level only takes one day as long as you attend all of the classroom sessions and track sessions during the day. Biggest difference between the two formats is probably the extra track sessions that you get at the 2-Day Camps. At the single day schools you get 5 classroom sessions and 5 riding sessions, at the 2-Day Camp you get 5 classroom sessions and 7 track sessions. Also at the 2-Day Camp you would have a chance to get on any and all of the off-track training devices (as long as the off-track space allows) where at a 1 Day School you will use one off-track training bike per level. Hope to see you at the track soon, Trevor
  10. We as Americans are too damn sensitive when it comes to nicknames, if they aren't cool then we don't want them. You aren't supposed to want a nickname, you earn it and it sticks, the problem was that we were making suggestions and then the person we were suggesting them about chimed in about how much they didn't like it. Won't ever work that way. You think I liked t-shirt when I was first called it? Hell no, but the Brits didn't let it drop and I have learned to appreciate it and write regularly with the Brits using that name as my signature. Any ways, I was just passing through trying to clean up some spammers and I thought I would check in here to see if there was any change. Cheers, T-shirt
  11. So while I am not a coach I thought I would chime in here too. Favorite track that I have ridden: Philip Island, Australia. This track jumped to the top of my list after riding it only once back in 2004 when I went down to Aus, to do some Course Control work with my counterpart down there. The whole place just blew me away with how fun and technical it was. Favorite USA Track that I have ridden: VIR, First track I ever rode, first track I hit 160 mph on. This track was my all time favorite before Philip Island, and still is for any track that I have ridden in the US, it has almost every type of turn you can think of, and has good elevation change, plenty of connected corners and a great straightaway. Favortie Track to run as Course Control: Las Vegas Infield Course. I can see every turn from start finish, nuff said.
  12. Hey Everybody, Got a bunch of emails, thanks for the support, we have filled all the spots for the April school!!! We are still looking for cornerworkers for the later dates. If you are interested please got to SoCalCornerworkers.com Thanks again, Trevor
  13. Hi Everybody, Your friendly neighborhood Course Control here. We are currently looking for a few good riders that want to get a bit of "free" track time and help the school provide the awesome service that we are known the world over for! April 22nd and 23rd at the Streets of Willow Springs needs 5 more Cornerworkers at this time. April 24th and 25th at the Streets of Willow Springs needs 6 more Cornerworkers at this time. The second 2 days are a weekend! If you yourself are interested in coming out and helping out, or you have any friends that might be please let me know. Quick breakdown of how the day goes: 2 riders each session, 5 positions manned, each corner worker rotates in turn, usually works out to sitting for 2-3 sessions and then riding one. Get between 4-6 sessions on track. (Half the time Cornerworkers bow out from riding their turns because of how much riding.) All cornerworkers get to ride at Lunch time (30mins - 1hr of ride time) email me if you are interested in this. trevor@superbikeschool.com Thanks in advance, Trevor Pennington Course Control CSS USA
  14. Hey John E, The answer to your question is weather permitting we can run all of the off-track training bikes. Checked the weather and right now it is set to be nice both days. See you next week.
  15. Those interviews are great, and the DVD is awesome, and I am not jsut saying that as I was one of the stunt riders.
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