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  1. has there been any official statement from the School or Keith? May have missed it.
  2. This sux, was wanting to do L4 at Mid-O.... how about letting 1 dayers into Miller as an exchange? Both tracks are on my "to do" list and would love to do miller for a 1 day.
  3. to be less obscure, did Mr. Schwantz attend the school or was he trained by Keith?
  4. you may want to try Eagle Riders http://www.eaglerider.com/ my local franchise rents 1, 2 and 3 rail trailers for $25-45 a day.
  5. Other than the racers listed on the website, have there been any other World Champions trained by CSS or Keith that are not listed on the CSS website. A friend of mine who attended CSS in the '80s (and again recently this summer) mentioned that some other champions were trained and omitted on the site. While I respect everyone's right to privacy and operating their own school(s) are there others that were brought up to world champion level that were not listed on the site? - a breakfast is riding on this question, and thanks in advance for your answer! ps. thanks again for Levels I and II, see you at III soon.
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