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  1. Morpheous, Good morning, I am the Chief Riding Coach for the superbike school on this side of the Pond. Any of the Silverstone configurations would be fine but the Stowe circuit is a bit smaller and hence you get slightly more time with your coach as the laps are shorter so we can see you more often. As it is the basics we are looking to build on this would be fine. It is technical enough not to get bored and quite challenging to go quick on. We are off to do our schools in India next week and will be away for 2 weeks, if you would like any more info either contact the office or email me direct at jet@superbikeschool.co.uk best Jet
  2. The teams do run tire warmers on full wets, like to see what Steve has to say on this. The coaches in the UK have tons of experience in the rain, I'll see what guys are doing there for track days. CF Cobie, My answer to all our students is what are you trying to achieve with tyre warmers? is it to prolong tyre life i.e. stop the tyre going through too many heat cycles or is it to give confidence that the tyres are hot and ready to go straight away. If its the former then they do serve a purpose at the school as they will help with tyre life. If its the latter by the time a student has lined up and been through all the course control checks they have no idea what temp is left in the tyres and if its a cold or windy day there may be very little. If they assume they are still at 80'C then they may be surprised how much they have dropped. As far as wets and warmers, unless they have variable temp tyre warmers there is a good chance that standard warmers will take wets over their design temp as it is much lower than slicks as you know. And could get them too hot! As I say to all the coaches and students, building up and understanding just how much temp and grip you have at any given time is a skill to be understood and developed like any other. Race teams run warmers on wets because they are going to race in a matter of minutes from when they come off and want every last possible assistance. This is not what is going to happen on a school day, our coaches don't have tyre warmers or wets and seem to manage pretty well :-) Best Jet Chief Riding Coach UK, Europe, South Africa and Middle East
  3. Hehehe, "traction issues," good one! Remember the time we locked him in Will's trailer? I vote for McGoo for Cobie, though I'm not old enough to remember the cartoon, I did witness him step right off the end of the trailer at Mid O and while sitting on his butt in the grass, mention that something must be wrong with his glasses. As for Toohey, maybe "Jack Daniels?" The brits will remember when James volunteered to snort JD through his nose and then promptly scream like a girl while his nose hairs were being burnt off! I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. "Misti" doesn't count as a nickname Misti Misti, That Spain trip was a good one for memories and James taking the biggest slug of JD's on the spoon despite our best advice is certainly one of them. Then watching his bravado disappear as it hit hope just what he had done was priceless. Happy days Jet
  4. Boys and Girls i give you winkle in all his glory, now as Bullet will testify i am not great at working technology so if the photo i have tried to attach does not appear this reply will look pretty pointless. However here goes nothing Jet
  5. Misti, Nice cameo appearance in Twist 2 by the way. You may be right about there being more than two instances of near death. Certainly when we passed the triumph on the outside of the bend on only the two outside wheels the look of shock on the pillion on the triumph suggested we may have slightly overdone it, credit to Mr Adshead he brought it all under control. You may also be lucky as none of your colleagues got to see you in all your glory, and just how high your voice can go. This would have been the start of a nickname email thread in UK for sure. Death Wagon though has to be a none starter as i always use the level 1 student sat in the front row rule, as he/she looks up in awe wondering which of these magnificent coaches they will get to transform their life, only to hear one is called "Death Wagon" They then realise she is their coach. One avenue would be: death wagon/ hearse, lady who drives in a hearse/ addams family/ Morticia (still dont like this myself but could start another avenue) I prefer the screach route myself although this may not be your normal reaction to being driven, so there may be some resistance from colleagues. But with all the great cartoon characters you guys have you must have something that screams a lot or begs to slow down. The normal format in UK for this, would be about 50 emails now bouncing around with ideas. So i open the floor PS Sorry if this does actually end you with a name Jet
  6. Winkle, absolutely gets my vote. Reasoning: He would not pick it It was suggested by someone else, with a very valid reason behind it. We even got photos of winkle asleep in South Africa It is not immediately obvious as to why Its funny And with that goatee i could imagine him in a fairy tale Winkle, its a done deal for me Jet
  7. Misti, If you want one from the the UK, i would offer Screamer or maybe panic. As my overriding memory of your visit to spain is you making the foolish decision to come back with the boys in our hire van. And duly screaming that we were going to kill you all the way back to the hotel. There were only as i recall two points where we nearly died. Best Jet
  8. You Boys, The rules: As Andy rightly pointed out (although he does have several nicknames but i fear they may be censored on this forum) You don't get to pick your name. It has to come from someone else, preferably because of something you have or have not done, a certain characteristic, the more subtle the better. I will give you a recent example to get you started. One of our most recent nicknames for a coach is NEMO, whilst chatting with our mechanic 'GLOOM' a new coach Lee (NEMO) passed comment to GLOOM who replied in the vernacular with **** off CODHEAD. Now this will men nothing to you guys and didn't mean much to us but but CODHEAD is a local insult between people from GLOOM'S area and LEE'S, cod fishing is very big in that part of the world. Now we wrestled with codhead as a nickname but could not in all professionalism introduce anyone as codhead, so the floor was opened to expand on this. BUTCH came up with the inspired reference to a naive fish always getting in harms way and hence NEMO. There is no way LEE would have picked NEMO which is also why its a perfect nickname. You can not give an attractive woman BAYWATCH as it shows no effort, originality, patience, deference to the honour of nicknames, due consideration and quite frankly is just lazy. So step up boys and raise the bar. Trevor's T-SHIRT is a good start get him to explain it and aim high. Best Jet
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