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    Scheduled for Level 1 and 2 OCT 13/14, 2007
  1. Thanks Cobie. See you guys soon! I cant wait for Level 3. Surely, I will bring friends to attend CSS again
  2. Im fairly new and please excuse me if I sound naive, I am hear to listen and learn, please pass on the knowledge. So, Ive taken Levels 1 & 2 late last year and I am going to sign up for Level 3 soon. I see coaches riding the same machinery (ZX-6) and same tires (Dunlop Qualifiers) as we (students) do but the Coaches achieve much higher lean angles and faster corner speeds. I started attending Trackdays this year almost every weekend and I keep getting negative comments when I use Dunlop Qualifiers and my friends are using Dunlop 209 or Dunlop 211, some even use Slicks. I always defend my tire choice that these tires are slightly more affordable to me (every penny counts), that I dont have the ability to use what the 209/211/slicks have to offer and that they offer more than I could ever achieve anyway; but they come back saying that the tires they use provide them the security of being Sticky tires. My friends and I ride in Novice to Intermediate, but sometimes, it all comes together effortlessly and I can ride at the tail end of the Advanced group but I dont do it too often. Anyway, my point is, Im not a racer, I dont go out to trackdays to beat on everyone because I cant. I go out and ride with the mentally of enjoying the ride, play with friends at a safe environment and try to learn & improve to something. I ride an older bike and use the "inferior" Dunlop Qualifiers and yet, go around a track just a smidge faster. It just irks me that they wont stop. their silly comments. Am I wrong for not using the more superior tires Dunlop offers for a few dollars more? What can I say to these friends of mine to stop bugging me about tires. They also preach that I should use tire warmers to prolong tire life and reduce heat cycles but it isnt so as Ive read here. I believe Ive said whats on my mind, please tell me what you think!
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