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  1. I currently live in Monterey California and there are some wonderful roads to ride out here. However I have noticed due to the fact that a lot of the roads out here are twisting through the mountains, I have discovered a weakness in my riding; the downhill decreasing radius turn. Any suggestions on the best methods of taking them?

  2. I want to say thanks for the advice I got on my "cornering jitters". Now I feel much more confident coming through the turns and was even able to realize that I was a victim of early corner entry because of them. Granted it has only been a couple of days it seems like a totally different experience now I am trying to fine tune the process and pick my speed up. Once again thanks .............but I have two more questions. The more speed you carry into a turn it, why do it seem like you body position changes so? Should I be resting my chest and outside arm more on the tank? Also I changed my tires and put a 200 on the back versus 190 one of my friends says I won't notice the difference, while another on says I am going to reduce my contact patch when leaning. Wouldn't a bigger rear tire give me more drive out of the curves? Which one is right?

  3. I am relatively new to motorcycling, and have been riding for about a year and a half (mostly alone). My main concern is cornering, and I have noticed a few things that are still making me nervous when I come into turn on roads I am not familiar with. I am training myself to weight the outside peg when entering turns now ( as it mentions in TOTW 2), and that seems to help a lot, however I feel my body position is still off. I find myself sitting too far forward on my bike and this makes hanging off the bike much more difficult than it should be. I feel like I am sitting too close to the tank to pull my azz off the seat when getting ready to go into the turn and this causes me to slow down much more than I would like. Any suggestions? BTW I have a 2003 gsx-r 1000.

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