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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

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  1. I think this race was probably the most exciting race of the year (so far), because it was a four-way dogfight to the line. It was totallt insane that Marc Marquez was about to take 1 second out of Jorge Lorenzo on the final lap, to catch up to him, pass him, to be ahead by 0.25sec at the chequered flag. Just WOW! In some ways, it was a very unusual race, because neither of those that went (Marquez, Lorenzo) in front were able to up a decisive gap, but were caught up again. Lots of passes at the two hairpins (Turn 4 & 10) and great stuff like Iannone passing both Rossi and Marquez, when Rossi did a block-pass on Marquez but left the door open on the inside for Iannone. Oh, and Iannone taking out a seagull with his helmet and fairing - there was a mighty hole in the fairing just over the right handlebar! Marquez and Iannone demonstrated again and again the power advantage of the Honda and Ducati over the Yamahas, as they out-dragged Rossi several times out of Turn 12 and down the Gardner Straight to the finish line and Doohan Corner (Turn 1). I guess that Ol' Santa can start preparing a more powerful engine as a Christmas gift for Rossi & Lorenzo. With Rossi missing the podium for the second time this year, his advantage over Lorenzo is down to 11 points. Not terrible, but not exactly great for him either, as it seems that every race a new contender comes and pushes him backwards in the points. In Moto3, Danny Kent really just didn't have the luck, as he got clipped twice by other riders. First time he was lucky "just" to be pushed back 4 seconds and behind Bastianini at the 16th place. He fought himself back through the pack and Bastianini to around 5th when Antonelli's front wheel clipped Kent's rear wheel, sending the both off in a big way - and taking Bastianini with them.
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