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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

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  1. Hello all, As you can see my name is Darth Peachy, no I didn't have cruel parents that isn't my real name. I use that name because that's what most people I am in regular contact with on youtube, google+ and other forums know me as so I thought better to keep the same name. My real name is Chris, I'm 31, born in London England and currently live in Gibraltar with my wife Amanda and 3 year old son Max. he wasn't named after Max Biaggi but as an after thought he should have been! i joined the forum because i watched Twist of the wrist II on youtube about a year ago and it has helped improve my riding tremendously. I was so impressed that I went and bought the book and the DVD so that any time I want to push my limits or work on an area of my riding that I feel needs improving or even just as a way of boosting my confidence on days when I just don't feel grounded I can just refer back to it. I was watching the DVD again recently and feeling enlightened and inspired I decided to do a Google search for Keith Code. I found this forum and decided to sign up. I've been riding bikes (commuting) for 15 years now but it has only been in the last 3 years that I have taken riding more seriously and taken steps to become a better rider. As I mentioned before I have a youtube channel where I record How To videos on motorcycle maintenance, vlogs and am currently working on a road safety series for the benefit of new riders. If any one would like to take a look just search for Darth Peachy or Peachy's Place or send me a PM because I don't think were allowed to post links up on here and wouldn't want to upset the mods on my first post Ok mamoth intro, gonna stop nattering now (here at least) see ya all around the forum. Chris
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