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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

Found 3 results

  1. Yamaha has been working on a robot that can ride a conventional motorcycle at speed. The "Motobot" can now ride over 200kp/h and nagivate a racetrack. They pitted it against Valentino on the "West Course" of Thunderhill. http://www.thedrive.com/watch-this/15582/watch-a-robots-attempt-to-beat-valentino-rossis-lap-time Valentino rode a lap in 85.74sec. Motobot in 117secs.
  2. Well well well. As the very first rider, Rossi & Yamaha has this morning announced that they are signed a 2 year extension. With Lorenzo saying just a couple of days ago that he wanted to sign before the beginning of the season, but that Yamaha didn't want to do that, this must be a bit of a blow. http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2016/03/19/rossi-yamaha-confirm-2-year-contract-extension/195869 Regardless, Rossi re-signing with Yamaha was almost a given. If Yamaha at any point asked their fans and sponsors, they would be in no doubt that Rossi's name is more worth in marketing and press coverage that probably all of the other MotoGP riders combined. Rossi just turned 37, so he would be almost 40 years old when the new contract runs out at the end of 2018; I wouldn't be surprised if he then retired to either work more directly with the VR46 Academy, or fool around in Rally cars for a couple of years. Possibly both So, who's gonna be the next signer? Will Lorenzo still sign with Yamaha or will Ducati be tempting him even more? What about Marquez, Pedrosa and Iannone? Who will Yamaha sign alongside Rossi - Maverick Viñales or Andrea Iannone? Rossi stalked Viñales in FP3 for a couple of laps yesterday. I could see Alex Rins come in through Tech 3 Yamaha with an option to move him to the Factory team after 2 years if he progresses well, but less likely that he would arrive directly to the factory team. I know where my popcorn is
  3. I saw this on motomatters.com (http://www.motomatters.com/blog/2014/09/17/guest_blog_mat_oxley_a_new_way_of_riding.html). It reminds me of the hook turn technique taught at the superbike school. Here is an excerpt from the original article http://www.motorsportmagazine.com/race/motogp-race/a-new-way-of-riding-a-new-way-of-crashing/ : " A new way of riding, a new way of crashing Well, it appears that whoever coined the term ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ didn’t know what they were talking about. On Sunday in Italy a middle-aged man defeated a young phenomenon for several reasons. Firstly, he’s learned a new trick or two. I can only assume that Valentino Rossi discovered his new way of riding his Yamaha YZR-M1 by reading old copies of Grand Prix annual Motocourse because he seems to have adopted the outlandish riding style of 1990s BSB champ James Whitham. The Yorkshireman rode in a highly unusual fashion, with upper body completely out of line with the motorcycle, neck craning towards the inside of the corner, as if he was literally dragging his machine to the apex. Whitham developed that style while riding Suzuki’s recalcitrant 1992 GSX-R750 and it worked well for him in subsequent seasons. And now it seems to work just as well for Rossi who’s been thinking scientifically about what he can do to close the gap on young pup Marc Márquez, riding Honda’s quicker-steering RC213V. “If you want to stay on top you must look at what the fastest riders are doing,” Rossi affirms. “I now use more of the top of my body to move outside of the bike to improve turning. I watch and I try to modify my position on the bike and the movement of the bike. I now move forward more to avoid wheelies.”"
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