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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

Found 2 results

  1. What is the difference on the Suspension when using Trail Braking vs. Finish Braking on the straight and then start to Corner? What is the ideal Speed of Counter steering, referring to the steering rule of Keith: "Always steer as fast as possible"? When do you stop to Counter steer with trail braking? "1 Steering Input per Turn" Having some issues here on the 2 different styles of braking. Trail Braking: Braking in Lean angle makes the bike to stand up Braking in Lean angle causes the bike to overload the front tyre or eats the front tyre up You cannot have such late turning Point because you Need more time to lean the bike over? (Good for Race Line, because you Close the door to overtaking?) The Forks create a "nose dive" which allows you to create a smoother turn in for your Suspension "Nose Dive" shortens the wheel base which makes the bike to turn faster Finish Braking on the Straight and then turn the bike into the Corner: When you finish braking before turning the bike, the forks are on normal Position. When you steer the bike very fast, can you create to much cornering Forces that the fork will bottom and lock the front wheel or create a see-saw movement? Did I get something wrong here? My Real Question is: When to use which Braking Style for which Purpose? What are the effects on the Bike using those 2 different approaches?
  2. so this may have been asked a lot already,but for give me if i ask a very stupid question. i want to know how to compute the right tire pressure for my weight and suspension i guess. the tricky part is my bike is considered a small bike in your country ( i Live outside US),150cc,naked bike. i changed tires over to something bigger since my actual mags can ccomodate something big. here are a few details rider weight is 120-130ish pounds 150cc bike, 3.0 rear mags,with 130/70 tire 2.95 front mags with 100/90 tires any inputs will be appreciated. stock tires were 110/80 at the back and 90/90 in front,recommended psi are 33....
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