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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

Found 3 results

  1. Roadracing World new issue came in the mail last night. Of course I was immediately involved since a shot of the 93 at COTA was on the cover. I was checking out the angle of Marc's elbow as it cleared the track surface when I noticed the words "coach" and "private racetrack" caught my eye. Quickly, the pages flipped past the Zarco story and stopped on page 44. What the.....oh, there it is, on page 46. The private track, and a great story by Misti about her summons to Manor Wilzig, to teach the future ? Mrs. Alan Wilzig. Any more details will have to be gleaned from reading the article yourself. All I have to say is, when is the road trip to the private museum? Just saying...
  2. Kai; I don't think anybody has commented on MotoGP since a response to my query as to where was the interest but the silence after Mugello [OMG were those races amazing] was still puzzling. Seeing nothing today (so far) I figured that I would jump into it thinking that at least you and I could discuss these races. Now to be fair, I haven't watched today's Moto2 and 3 yet but the main event was such a shock after watching superpole that I knew at least you were watching and must have some thoughts on them. Mugello was just incredible; I marveled at how hard the top two GP bikes raced to the end and even more so as to who won it. Especially after the energy the trailing rider expended to catch and then take the lead - and then the out of his mind moves he made to maintain it - only to get clipped at the line - was draining. The Moto3 race was phenomenal, I have no idea how these young men can ride like they do, in such a giant pack for the entire race and then have drafting passes at the line that are virtually impossible to predict the outcome makes for some very entertaining TV at least to me. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I did and have some thoughts to share. Oh and for that other series, you know the one Yellow Duck is killing it in - just crickets.
  3. OK, so I didn't set my DVR in time and I missed today's races. Can anyone who is planning on posting about it hold until Wednesday which is the next time it airs in my neck of the woods? As a Moderator - I MUST review every post and if I review yours I will know the outcome. TIA; Rainman
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