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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

Found 2 results

  1. Anyone else here signed up for Streets on March 18? It'll be my first time at Streets since 2010. I'm currently signed up for March 18th and waitlisted for March 17th. I was originally hoping to ride my own bike (Ninja 300) on the 17th and then do the school BMW on the 18th, but we'll see if/what opens up for the 17th. If I am only there for Sunday, I might just car camp at the track on Saturday night. FYI for anyone else, I learned that WSIR does not have shower facilities.
  2. I just saw this video posted on the CSS Australia Facebook page, I thought I would share here because it's interesting to get a bit of a look behind the scenes and see what Cobie Fair and Adam Raffe have to say about being a coach at California Superbike School. And of course it would be great if any other coaches would like to add their comments on what it's like. I have one other question as well - Cobie talks about "the latest" that they've been doing in the States. Keith Code is working on another book AFAIK, is the latest referring to riding techniques or some of that books content, or coaching techniques/skills, or a bit of both? Or is it top secret?
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