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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

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  1. Last week I had a brake failure on my Ducati. I ordered a master cylinder repair kit and then got into my car for the first time in a long time. I tried driving a car back home from my office to Manhattan. While I sat in traffic waiting to get on the George Washington Bridge I was thinking "I dont think I want to wait in this traffic in this car anymore...and hey that Duc is awesome, but shes getting old, maybe I should just buy a new bike instead of waiting for KurveyGirl to get me parts to me." The next morning I found a 2015 s1000rr with 900 miles on it. Mint condition. And the price is right. I am in love. So I ride it home. And while riding it I realize that this thing is hot. It is 85F (air temp) degrees out and the sun is shining, but the bike is running 210F at 60MPH in traffic. When I slow to stop-and-go traffic I run up to 220F. At 80MPH constant I am only getting down to 190F. This seems hot. My left leg is burning as it grips the frame/tank and my right foot feels like it is getting burn blisters (it was not actually, but it felt really hot). I have done my share of CSS days on your S1000rr's in blistering heat..like a few weeks ago in Willow where Ian and I were sharing an ice bucket to cool down the ice packs for our headbands. But I have never felt like I my leg was going to get burned while sitting on pit lane. At first I thought that at CSS we are only doing 20 minute sessions and we are going fast the whole time. But then I realized that on my 40 mile commute to work I arrive in 36 minutes, so my average speed is high and its not much longer than a normal track session and my average RPM is half of what it is on the track. So why is my s1000rr so hot? - Is it that the track body plastics on your bikes do a better job of redirecting the air? - or Has Keith worked with some NASA scientists to invent a coolant that is better than whatever is in the bike I just bought? (I should prob flush and replace whatever the PO put in there). - or Is it something to do with the stock setup running really lean and not allowing the unconsumed fuel to snag some of the heat? Let me know if you can shed some light on why the Superbike School's s1000rr's seem to run so cool and mine so hot. Thanks, Michael
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