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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

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  1. Going to Vegas this coming weekend for our first school (Yahoo!), and it will be cool (below 60). I know, I know, you guys on the east think that's a nice day! There is quite a bit of good data on tires (on this forum). The short reminder is tires do not work cold, and have to be flexed to warm. Meaning tires warm from the inside out (if one doesn't have tire warmers). Most school bikes are ridden in both groups, but one doesn't know the other rider, so if not fast, might never have warmed the tires. Very first thing to do is put your hands on the tires, get an idea of how warm they actually are. A rule of thumb would be if the tire feels cool to you, it's COLD. If it feel's warm (even quite warm) then it's WARM. If you can't hold your hand on it, then it's HOT. There are some cold days, tires never warm fully! Track temp, wind, sun can all affect the overall grip. Often later in the day traction goes DOWN as the temp goes down, or sun comes off the track. Another factor is if a rider pulls in, talks to his coach or for any reason is not on-track, when he/she goes back out--cannot go at max pace, tell the tires are re-heated. These are reminders that we'll give the students this coming weekend, but same applies for road riding too! Best, Cobie
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