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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

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  1. Everyone's favorite topic! First a bit of history: I was away from motorcycles for years. This year I finally decided to start riding again. Thankfully, my friend had found out about TOTW2 and it really helped the both of us. I am a completely different rider than I used to be. But I'm still a noob. This Sunday, we finally got to do Level 1 at SOWS. Awesome. But I was called off for throttling on while increasing lean. I got the message and quite frankly was surprised I was doing it. I later told my friend about this and how it can lead to slides and as it turned out, this exact thing happened to him not that long ago on the street while he was riding a loaner bike (oops). When he reminded me of that it was like a giant light bulb. We had been wondering why he wiped out. Now we knew! But to my real question: what do you do in these two situations: Slow going corner. Can you keep the throttle steady on entry and roll on a bit to maintain speed through it? This would be on the street. I'd imagine you'd roll back off a bit after the corner. Fast moving back and forth, such as 3-4-5 at SOWS. Do you roll of a bit in between as you flip the bike over the other way? I can't imagine you'd want to get back down to off, but rather roll off nice and easy a bit. That's what I was attempting to do while there. Wanted to know if that was correct. Thanks in advance!
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