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  1. riding on the mountains i dont know how much i lean, or what is the max lean. i know on a sport bike 55 degree is the max, but how do i know what does a 55 degree lean feels like? the new dunlop q4 able to lean 62 degree, even more scary to test it out. i drag my knee before. i been playing Ride 2,3 ,moto gp 17 and notice at 52 degree the rider is dragging knee, so it means your knee is an indicator how far you lean, a general guide, but can it tell you your max lean? no right. what if you stick out your toe more, so when it hits the ground you know for sure you reach the max lean fore you
  2. Hi, I need some help analyzing my foot position on the rear set. I am 6' 2" and not the tallest guy in the world, but the S1000RR feels a bit cramped. I attached 2 pics. In the left side pic, you can see how uncomfortable the ankle angle looks. Plus it feels like the riding boots aren't designed to bend forward so much. Not only looks awkward, it feels so too. The right side pic, after getting a bit more used to the bike and experimenting with BP, that's how far back I have to sit to get a good knee-lock on the tank. The further back I sit, the more cramped my feet are. Ju
  3. So hanging off the bike moves the center of gravity a bit giving us a little more clearance before we start scraping parts. My question is, what other advantages does this give? Things I suspect are affected by hanging off: 1. suspension compliance due to the forces down the bike to the track being a little out of line 2. contact patch shape 3. steering head angle slightly less 1. would seem to be a disadvantage? 2. does its shape add more or less cornering g's? Perhaps it doesn't matter since friction is a component of the coefficient and the normal force? 3. reduces the slip ang
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