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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

Found 6 results

  1. I'm registered for the Oct 30-31 2-Day at Las Vegas. I've got the hotel booked and I'm watching and re-watching A Twist of the Wrist 2 that I bought on Amazon. I'm not a bucket list kind of guy, but I've been wanting to take a CSS course for years. I've never done a track day, but I lived in north Georgia for many years and practiced and challenged myself on different bikes in the GA-NC-TN region. I took the BMW Performance Riding School course in Greer, SC, had a chance to ride the RR, and ever since I've been counting the months until I could ride a track-ready RR on a real course. My question is about being a Level 1 for a CSS 2-Day. Other than my riding skivvies and boots, should I really just show up? As in, don't bother bringing personal gear other than a helmet? I can't say I have track standard leathers or gloves, though I just bought a Sedici one-piece just because. Comments?
  2. Hey! My name is Adam Z. I am looking to get heavily involved in racing....now! I am from Arlington, VA and I am moving to Phoenix, AZ in August. I will be racing at Chuckwalla as soon as I can! I have taken Level I and II at Streets of Willow earlier this year and loved it. Hooked. Cannot get enough! I am taking Level III in September at Streets again. My riding experience is definitely new (only a year old) but I learn fast and listen well. I raced an 1198s and blew it up...it will be rebuilt! Until then, I have an 848 evo for the street, and I am going to buy an S1000rr in December. I came to learn how to ride safer, faster, and better. I do not ride that fast on the street, but if there is a race at the track, I get soooo hype. I love it and I love finding a flow. I am learning a lot and cannot wait to keep learning!!!!! I have a few personal goals for riding and racing, one of them being the IoM TT within the next 4 years. Thank you for allowing me to join and for this community of education. PS- I want to be the fastest of all time ever. Big dreams, big personality, standing at an astounding 5'3".
  3. Hello! I'm a CSS newbie. Very excited to be participating in the level 1 class and meeting cool people. (Short intro) My name is Aravind. I've ridden a couple different motorcycles (<200cc) when I lived in India. My first real sport bike was a 2004 GSX-R 600. I had it for about a year, but only got to ride it during the 7 months where Buffalo,NY doesn't look like Alaska I moved to the California bay area last year and recently acquired a 2008 Ducati 848. I watched the twist of the wrist videos and realized that I have a lot to learn. Found the nearest available class and signed up. This will be my first time on a track. I'm getting a hitch installed on my car and am planing on renting a motorcycle trailer from u-haul, but I'm dreading the boring commute from San Francisco to Lancaster. If anyone else here is attending the school on the 14th and can use some company, say hi. Some questions about the class/track 1. Does it make sense to bring your own fuel? How much is appropriate? 2. How do I get myself photos/videos of myself on the track? Do they have professionals on the track that would do this for a fee? 3. I'm installing new tires on my bike this week. I was planning on commuting ~40mi everyday to break them in a little. Is there a better way to break-in tires? -Aravind
  4. Hello all, As you can see my name is Darth Peachy, no I didn't have cruel parents that isn't my real name. I use that name because that's what most people I am in regular contact with on youtube, google+ and other forums know me as so I thought better to keep the same name. My real name is Chris, I'm 31, born in London England and currently live in Gibraltar with my wife Amanda and 3 year old son Max. he wasn't named after Max Biaggi but as an after thought he should have been! i joined the forum because i watched Twist of the wrist II on youtube about a year ago and it has helped improve my riding tremendously. I was so impressed that I went and bought the book and the DVD so that any time I want to push my limits or work on an area of my riding that I feel needs improving or even just as a way of boosting my confidence on days when I just don't feel grounded I can just refer back to it. I was watching the DVD again recently and feeling enlightened and inspired I decided to do a Google search for Keith Code. I found this forum and decided to sign up. I've been riding bikes (commuting) for 15 years now but it has only been in the last 3 years that I have taken riding more seriously and taken steps to become a better rider. As I mentioned before I have a youtube channel where I record How To videos on motorcycle maintenance, vlogs and am currently working on a road safety series for the benefit of new riders. If any one would like to take a look just search for Darth Peachy or Peachy's Place or send me a PM because I don't think were allowed to post links up on here and wouldn't want to upset the mods on my first post Ok mamoth intro, gonna stop nattering now (here at least) see ya all around the forum. Chris
  5. I've been studying Keith like crazy ever since I fell off my Hayabusa a week after getting it. That was November 6 and I put about 10 thousand miles on my bike in four months of riding since then. I was going to dump a bundle of money into my motor but decided to talk my wife into letting me do the first two day course in New Jersey...she is resisting hard. This is a battle that must be won! I've read Twist 2 three times and seen the video at least ten. I can't wait to do the course because from the YouTube posts I've seen the format is excellent and the fundamentals are paramount. The coaches make sure everyone knows exactly what's going on and what's expected of them. If things work out I will learn on the BMWs and then follow up on my bike on a one day course. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hi to ALL... Greetings from Tokyo!!! Konnichi wa!!! Im a Filipino currently residing here in Tokyo, Japan (well, been here since 1997)... Been riding motorcycles from 2011 when I got my Japanese endorsement - but having the desire to become a safer rider (in terms of control, speed, and safety). Have both the Twist of the Wrist books, as well as the DVD... And finally - with a vacation to SoCal next month, looking forward to joining the 2-Day Camp at Las Vegas (if I get through the Waiting List, that is)...!!! *wish me luck* (Have been waiting for 2-yrs for the chance... Hahahaha!) Looking forward to enjoying a very educational experience as the CSS... Best regards, Alfred
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