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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I need some help analyzing my foot position on the rear set. I am 6' 2" and not the tallest guy in the world, but the S1000RR feels a bit cramped. I attached 2 pics. In the left side pic, you can see how uncomfortable the ankle angle looks. Plus it feels like the riding boots aren't designed to bend forward so much. Not only looks awkward, it feels so too. The right side pic, after getting a bit more used to the bike and experimenting with BP, that's how far back I have to sit to get a good knee-lock on the tank. The further back I sit, the more cramped my feet are. Just want to get your opinion on how comfortable the S1000RR is for taller riders, and whether using an adjustable rear set that can be moved further back is the answer! I know there are a lot of you tall riders out there... Thanks.
  2. Keeping the crotch away from the tank before entering the corners can be a strenuous exercise for our legs. The body tends to slid towards the tank all the time. Sure tightening the legs around the tank when breaking helps, but I was wondering if there is any gear designed for correct body position. All sport bike seats I've tried are too long and "slippery", probably to compromise between track and street riding and to accomodate different rider builds/height. I remember one of the coaches saying that pro riders use modified tank shapes to fit their body type. Is there any gear to help keep the correct seat position? All seat customizations I've seen are mainly for comfort.
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