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Found 2 results

  1. Today, I believe I finally caught the quick steering thing. I have read that changing directions quickly will reduce the need for lean. Or shorten the corner if you use the same amount of lean. These things I have accepted without fully grasping what's going on. But today, using sharp, brief steering inputs on my aging Z650 followed by immediate grip relaxation, it finally dawned on me; when you quick steer you compensate my leaning less. Or the other way around; lazy steering require that you compensate with more lean. To most this may seem trivial (and for all I know the same wording may have been used already), but for me, the word compensate was a big thing. As you were. I just had to share it
  2. So I would like to bring this back up I know there are lots of threads on trail braking but it always delves back into it being necessary for racers to make sure people don't pass or to pass themselves. What keith code has shown in his videos and books to me makes a lot of sense, that with a quick flick you create the better line and therefor get to less of a lean and back on throttle sooner. But does that reflect in lap times? Watching some of the Isle of Man races, these guys set lap records while heavily trail braking. Could it be faster if they flicked quicker? Can they not flick any quicker than they are because of their high speed?
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