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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

Found 4 results

  1. One of the differences I noticed watching many onboard racing videos is that a majority of expert club racers tend to be aggressive on the throttle right after the apex. They seem to be waiting for that magic point in the corner where they can optimize the bike power. WSBK/motogp videos on the other hand look more symmetrical in throttle control around the apex. Deceleration and acceleration change of speed are similar. Is this a valid observation? At first I thought this happens because the fastest riders have higher corner speed. But could it be because of the more sophisticated electro
  2. As I am preparing to move from squid to experienced track rider and maybe racing, I wonder how far are folks ready to drive to reach the track. For me this is the biggest challenge to enjoy the racing hobby. What does your driving schedule looks like when doing amateur racing? California probably offers a lot more options than the rest of the country. Anybody in the north-east?
  3. So if I wanted to return to CSS after doing Level I to IV (don't have a track bike for now and like the BMW1000R rentals), what should I register for? More Level IV? Code Race? What the returning Level IV students do?
  4. I'd like somebody (maybe some of our Brit friends) to explain me this. It's beyond any comprehension I have of bike racing passion: Why in this world would somebody decide to race on streets rather than track?
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