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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

Found 4 results

  1. I've seen a few infrared onboard sensors online. Has anyone installed them on their bike? Since tires temperature is so critical to riding why hasn't the technology evolved more quickly? Priority-wise, I would compare these sensors to tire warmers or traction control.
  2. What are the characteristics, major differences between a 2015 slick and a old slick like 2013? Dot2013 vs Dot2015 Do you feel differences? Can tire get sloppy? Grip level? Thanks for Input. Best Regards Roland
  3. I'm thinking to buy dual-temp tire warmers for my Michelin Pilot tires. The first few laps of the morning sessions feel always a bit sketchy, especially on the left side at NJMP, where most turns are on the right. Can tire warmers help for this kind of tires? Why the school doesn't use them for the Dunlop Q3? Maybe because bikes are constantly in and out of the track?
  4. so this may have been asked a lot already,but for give me if i ask a very stupid question. i want to know how to compute the right tire pressure for my weight and suspension i guess. the tricky part is my bike is considered a small bike in your country ( i Live outside US),150cc,naked bike. i changed tires over to something bigger since my actual mags can ccomodate something big. here are a few details rider weight is 120-130ish pounds 150cc bike, 3.0 rear mags,with 130/70 tire 2.95 front mags with 100/90 tires any inputs will be appreciated. stock tires were 110/80 at the back and 90/90 in front,recommended psi are 33....
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