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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

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  1. I just attended the two day camp (level 1 and 2) at Willow Springs, which was phenomenal. I was amazed at how much faster I got in two days. A question about trail braking: In class, we looked at a graph of racers' braking timing. In the graph, the onset of braking to peak pressure was very fast, almost instantaneous, and the release (if I recall correctly) was about two seconds long. For the technique, I believe we were told to brake, and then release braking gradually as we leaned the bike and got in on line (so the forks only compress once, first for the braking, which trades off
  2. What is the difference on the Suspension when using Trail Braking vs. Finish Braking on the straight and then start to Corner? What is the ideal Speed of Counter steering, referring to the steering rule of Keith: "Always steer as fast as possible"? When do you stop to Counter steer with trail braking? "1 Steering Input per Turn" Having some issues here on the 2 different styles of braking. Trail Braking: Braking in Lean angle makes the bike to stand up Braking in Lean angle causes the bike to overload the front tyre or eats the front tyre up You cannot have such late turning Point b
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