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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

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  1. This past season was my first experience on a race track and I'm hooked! Completed levels 1 & 2 at VIR then two track days at NCCar. Having a ball and planning levels 3 & 4 next May. I just had a special treat at NCCar when my just shy of 15 year old son came with me. We brought my 230ttr as a paddock bike and one of the instructors led Ty around four laps during lunch. He's never had a chance to ride on road before so speeds were kept down to around 35 mph on those nobby tires. While he's never been excited about riding on the super technical single track trails available to us in central VA, he was absolutely beaming after exiting the track! I've never seen him as stoked about anything before which makes this dad's heart warm. The Team Promotion folks are encouraging me to get a Ninja 250 and bring him back for these lunchtime rides and eventually take their ART-basic course--they love training the kids! I love the idea of getting Ty used to operating a moving vehicle and making decisions in a high speed environment long before driving. Even more, I want to develop a mutual passion and enjoy some good father-son experiences before leaving home in a couple years. My question is for instructors and parents who can relate to my recent experience. I'd appreciate any input concerning encouraging Ty. I want to do things right and safely. When and how can I use CSS? Any equipment advice? Can you suggest any creative ways to legally utilize a small sportbike besides the obvious riding around a parking lot? Thanks for sharing your experience, Brian
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