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11 Yr Old Css Student Peter Lenz Race Report

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Background ... Peter Lenz has been coached by Keith and the school since he was 8-years old. He has been attending regular schools this year ( video here:





American, Peter Lenz, and Canadian, Bodie Edie, dominated the second round results of the Can-Am Mini Motorcycle Roadracing Championship held in Calgary, Alberta this past Monday. This round of the series was run by the CNMRA (Canadian National Mini Roadracing Association) as part of their regular national series.


The Can-Am Mini Motorcycle Roadracing Championship has the support of people like Becca Livingston of Spider Grips. “Spider Grips sees the Can-Am Mini Motorcycle Racing Championship as a terrific way for young riders to develop their talents and to showcase the thrill of road racing at all levels. Spider's advanced technology helps these young riders compete fiercely on the track and we're very excited to see the results after each round of racing.”


Series favorite, Peter Lenz, arrived Sunday afternoon expecting to have the scheduled practice to come to terms with the track (a new direction for him) and his second time in the saddle of his RS85. The practice time was cut short and Lenz had only one ten minute session to learn the track and set-up his bike before 6-lap heat races started. His rush resulted in a very uncharacteristic crash for Lenz as he unfortunately lost the front of his RS85 on the grass and broke the frame and sidelined the ride. Lenz used the heat races to learn from his competition and stole pole from Bodie Edie with last corner passes in both the Vortex Racing NSR Cup and Motion Pro Super 50 qualifying races. Lenz also took pole in Formula Extreme, a class that was sparsely attended at this round. Edie took pole in Formula GP with a solid win on his RS85.


Monday saw Lenz and Edie continue their form from the previous day as the two young riders showed the fast way around the track. Lenz won the Vortex Racing NSR Cup with Edie second, joined by old-timer and AMRA president, Jay Fox, on the podium.


NSR mounted Lenz continued his streak with a win in Motion Pro Super 50 again followed by NSR mounted Edie with Ontario resident and OMMRA multi-time champion, Lee Kuhn Jr. rounding out the podium aboard his CBR125, making it an all Honda podium. Lenz also took the win in Sudco and RK Excel America Formula Extreme aboard his KTM65.


The main event was the Pro Honda Oils & Chemicals Formula GP. Lenz jumped out to a quick lead as he got the holeshot. He wasn't able to hold off Edie long for as soon as they hit the straight Edie's RS85 motored past Lenz and his underpowered KTM65 backup ride. Folks were looking forward to a rematch of the Edmonton race a month before where both boys were on RS85s and trading paint with the races decided in the final seconds. This time Edie had a commanding lead and was able to pull out almost a second a lap on Lenz. Canadian Superbike racer Dave Stokowski had spent the last four days racing his ZX-10 at the Superbike National next door and joining in on the mini fun, was able to close down to five seconds of Lenz, but not any closer.


The series is in action again July 26-27 in Abbotsford, British Columbia, hosted by the PCMRA as part of the CNMRA series. For more information on the series please visit http://www.canamroadracing.com

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