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Superbike School: Uk

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So did anyone else get a chance to download and watch Superbike School: UK?


It is a 6 episode series following 3 riders of different riding backgrounds going through the 4 levels of the California Superbike School class in the UK. I thought the show was fantastic, better than everything else on american TV right now, lol. & Andy Ibbott seems like a very cool guy!


I downloaded all 6 episodes from: www DOT racing DASH underground DOT com




type of stuff you might learn/like:


Knee to Knee FTW!!!

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Yes, I downloaded all six episodes. Good stuff.


That said, there is a reason it is called "underground". They operate in a legally gray area vis a vis copyright laws. I think it would be a good idea if the link wasn't openly posted here. Happy to provide it to those who ask. The more seeds/peers the better. But it is my only access to racing broadcasts and I don't want anything to happen to it.



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Its a pretty cool series , I was at Rockingham doing level 1 during some of the filming so see myself in it at bits, havent got eps 5 and 6 yet though!

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