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First Post Here...

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Hi all...


My first post here, should have really got on erlier as my Level 1 is booked for Friday...


Really looking forward to it, have read the books and feel a better rider for it, it's only cashflow thats stopped me getting on the course sooner.


Looking to get cornering confidence out of it, have only a couple of trackdays under my belt and was obviously not the quickest in the novice group, not aiming for the fast group, but the top 15 or so of the novice group would be fine with me. Would ideally like to take it all the way as a CSS instructor, but I've a long way to go.


Am an ex CBT and DAS instructor, have my IAM for car and bike, and Rospa Gold, and have been riding longer than I've had a licence.


Err... havent got anything else to say.... see yous all friday!

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Hi slaveunit!


Welcome to the forum - I've a feeling I'll be the first to say that!


Well with a RoSPA Gold grounding you've got plenty of potential in my books! You probably know but from what I gather (NOT being a CA Superbike staff member!), being smooth on the track = fast, and doing advanced on the road certainly makes you smooth. Just my two pence :-)


For the American contingent:


CBT = Allows you to ride up to a 125cc bike (in the UK)

DAS = Allows you to ride any size bike provided you are over 21 (in the UK)

IAM = Advanced riding/driving

RoSPA = Very Advanced riding/driving


Enjoy yourself on Friday!

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And so you should! (look forward to it!)


Yeah fingers crossed for the weather to be as good as today...I feel waterproofs could have been left at home today lol!

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Cheers chris, really looking forward to it...


Spent some time at the weekend prepping my R1, taking off the mirrors and pillion pegs etc..


hope the weather holds out like it is today!


Hi Slaveunit (OK, I'll guess, but wont' ask why you picked that name).


We've got schools in the US on those days, but I'm assuming you are doing the UK ones (hope the weather does hold).


Welcome to the forum! Having a look at the books is a great way to prep, it'll be less of a "shock" when you get to the track :)


Let us know how your day goes.




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