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Horrible news. The story about Peter Lenz is so sad. I know that he was well trained and wearing the best protective gear money could buy. I don't know what anyone else could do to stay safe and enjoy the freedom of riding. My heart goes out to the Lenz and Zayat families. At the same time, I am glad that I got to see Peter in the "Twist II" video. I hope seeing his joyful face on the screen will be some comfort to his family in the days to come.

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My heart goes out to Peter's family in sympathy and I cannot say more.


Rest in peace.




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I was sitting with my coach and friends in the south vista overlooking T4 and observed the accident - he was exceptionally well trained, his actions after falling were predictive and by the book; indicative of this young mans exceptional experience and training. You just wanted to reach out and protect him, lift him straight up off the track but you can't, he was doing what he was trained to do in that instance. I started with Keith in Nov 2007 and was CCS-FL licensed this year, I had seen on his web page that my first coach (Misty) had worked with him in June 2007; and here he was dragging elbows - what an incredible inspiration he was to anyone in this sport. Yesterday, right now and tomorrow.


That patch is a good idea, every time I'm too afraid to brake a little later, on gas a little sooner, live life a little more fully. What a champion, what a kid...


I'm sure his parents know how far he impacted others who never met him,



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My memories of Peter are, in equal measure, his kind playful nature, and remarkable ability on a bike. I shared the track with him a number of times, and the boy could create and use space that just didn't even exist in my eyes.


For his passing to occur the way it did makes me think maybe he had something up his sleeve we weren't ready to see yet.


Rest in peace Peter. May your family and friends find the strength they need to live on as fully you did.

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