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Head Up Less Off The Bike

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The other thread died so I figured I would start a new one. There didn't seem to be much debate over head up versus head down in favor of 'somewhere, find the middle'. I'm just a few weeks away from four straight days of CSS. So this might all change.


Here is where we started....




Here is where I went...




Here is where I landed.... Somewhere in the middle.




All three are the same spot on the track.



I definitely feel more stable with my rear off the bike but keeping my head above the shoulder line. Lap times have come down a full second, but I am also on different equipment. Anyone else playing 'head games' out there?

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Excellent pictures, showing the difference.


You are doing 4 days with us, we are going to go over this in naseuating detail (one piece at a time). Part in the steering exercise, part on the lean bike, part in Level 3.


Jody--this body positioning thing is one of the bigger pieces we end up dealing with on a student's riding. Just today I was talking with another multi-time student, about his boty positioning, I think we can improve it, but the conversation got to the point where we needed to see the guy on the bike and be able to work with the different key pieces: how is he holding on, what's he use to move around on the bike, how does that effect the bike in the turn, how well can he see in the lower position, what does it do to his input on the bars, etc, etc.


Sometimes we have to adjust the rider's helmet when he gets low on the bike--he can't see well out of it.


I don't think there is a quick universal fix, but I will say none of the pictures are bad body position--in the first one, there is a coach behind you in fact.


For sure come say hello when you are there, I want to make sure we get this resovlved.




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Hey Adam,


Gonna say something or just teast use?





Yeah I messed up a pushed the wrong button.


What does "teast use" mean Cobie?


I have no idea. That was my evil twin, he is a spaz when it comes to typing and misses his spellchecker terribly. I'd guess it means "tease us" but that is just a wild guess on my part.



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I LOVE that second picture. What I'm thinking though, is that your head was so far down that you must have had an SR kick in making you think you were leaning more than you are. Your head is probably the same distance from the ground in the first and second pics. You're just much farther over in the third pic. In the third pic your in much better shape than the guy in front of you.

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