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I've had good success with Woodcraft CFM on my racebikes. What I like about them are their durabilty and parts interchangebilty with the stock components. If I'm out of a spare I can try to find the owner of a bike willing to lend me stock parts to use at the track. For street use you might prefer something with more of a sexy factor like Attack, Sato or Gilles

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+1 for Woodcraft. Decent price, durable and a lot of racers use them so you have a shot at getting parts when you need them.

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G'day Oz,


I bought a set of Valtermoto rearsets from Roadrocket (http://www.roadrocket.com.au/) in the Melbourne a while back. I know they have some good stuff and well stocked. They had the least expensive reverse shift set that worked great! Woodcraft are easy to find here in the US or on ebay but weren't as easy for me to find when I lived in Melbourne. Hope this helps :)



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