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New Bike, New ?s

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So I took the 2 day course and man did it open my eyes. After about 3 years of riding I thought I knew how to ride, but wow was I surprised. Almost depressed me to realize how little I knew about riding. If some one were to ask me what the course was like I would have to explain it as wrapping your mouth around a Fire hose and trying to keep up. So on to my question.


When I took the course I was riding an Aprilia RSVR 1000. And through out the 2 days and the millions of tweaks in riding position you all had finally gotten me to where I needed to be. Well I recently moved over to something a little more comfortable on the back and legs and got myself a Ducati Hypermotard. I have had the bike for about 3 months now and have had 10x more fun on this thing than any other bike I have ever owned. One thing I love about this bike is the fact that I can set my self up for a corner, hang off, and drag knee. Or I can dirt bike/supermoto it and sit up on the tank and kick my inside leg out on tight turns and rail (well rail for me) a corner. Or if I am being a little lazy I just leave myself planted where I am and just sorta follow the bike.


So I guess my question is a two part question

1) What is it about the Hyper that allows me to ride however I want and get away with it. I am sure it has something to do with bike geometry and design but what exactly. If I were to try to purposely ride crossed up on my RSVR it would not end up well.

2) What would be the more advisable riding style? Or would different style be suitable in different situations?

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Your questions have some meat to them, and not truly an expert in frame/geometry. One comment will be: the dirt bikes that guys have put street tires on (how super moto started I believe) are light, narrow, and have loads of suspension, plus a nice riding position (bars give more leverage too).


Compared to your Aprillia, with low bars, more weight, but also a much more powerful engine. There is a lot more to go after with your questions, but that is a start.




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I think the biggest thing that I notice switching between my CR250R dirtbike and GSXR600 is where the weight is. On my gsxr the weight bias feels very far forward and I feel like I'm sitting inside the bike and molded onto it. This gives it a very locked in and stable feel through the corners but it doesn't give you much freedom in terms of trying to move the bike around. It feels like all you can really do is counter-steer, set your body position, and twist the throttle.


On my dirtbike the weight bias is dead center of the bike, super light, and I'm sitting on top of it. The weight being centered lets me carry the front end so it doesn't feel anchored to the ground like my sportbike. Also I'm in a riding position that really lets me muscle the bike around and move my weight anywhere I need it. With those things combined it feels like I can make the dirtbike do anything that I want it to.

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