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Level 3 Eastern Creek Reflections

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Level3......what can one say? Started the day having never hung a cheek off in anger, admitted as much freely to my coach Al, but then the transformation began.....the hook turn - you could ride your whole life and not jag one, but once you're told - whoa! In fact the first time it happened I was going too slow coming out of turn 4 (had yet to find the sweet spot) and did one....nearly turned sideways! Some control came after that and immediately noticed a far tighter line than ever achieved previously, of course with much greater corner speed!

The pivot/power steer.....I thought this one was a filler to make up the 5 topics for the day. How wrong I was! Immediately achieved far greater lean angle than previous - I suppose that the opposite, un-power-assisted hand had been resisting the countersteering attempts via my SRs and subconscious. Now that is the tool to overpower that evil opposite hand! At least that's how I read it for my case. Not long after scraped a footpeg for the first time (turn 12)and it wasn't a worry.

Knee to knee, hip flick.....I tried them but truthfully there were that many things changed and going on by this time I wouldn't claim to have mastered them, but I did them a couple of times and bloody hell it makes the transition from side to side a lot smoother and faster! The attack drill....well it was fruitful to say the least, and I think that this is going to be a major benefit on the road, those few degrees of entry angle change certainly have a profound effect on a set of corners.....

Never scraped the knee which was a hope, but looking at the photos on line, I think I have locking on issues which I will address when next I go to the track. Was really happy to outpace the guys doing level 2 on much madder bikes than my speed triple, in particular a 1098s which should really have hosed my bike in all respects. This proves the efficacy of the techniques contained in level 3 - at my last track day the only blokes in my group overtaking me were using hang off techniques - now I have joined them, it is a quantum leap.

On the downside....by heck I was sore in the legs for the next 3 days. Still am actually.....I tore a calf muscle pursuing my son on the beach 3 days later and I don't think it was unrelated. I expect this means that I will have to get fitter if I'm going to use this on the track - either that or get younger...... :) I'd say that if you are in your twilight years like myself (41)and thinking about Level 3, I would consider doing a lot of core stability work and leg work leading in to the day, and even then I don't reckon you'd come out of it scot free.

Anyway big thanks to Al for session 1 and being my coach for the rest of the day, and also to Steve Brouggy who took all the other sessions in his inimitable style.


I reckon I'll have some things for my level 4 coach to cure come next year!



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Sounds great mate!


Now, this twilight year thing, you have been sold a story by some one on that!


Oldest student I know that we had that came and then went to go racing, was 74. And his wife went too, on GSXR's and she was in her 60's!


Hit the gym, chase your son a bit more :)




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Sounds like quite a day! Glad you enjoyed it :)


Level 3 for sure is physical. You know those sore muscles.....They're the best ones for riding! Get them strong, and the benefit is massive.


See you for Level 4 sometime, or maybe at a track day.


All the best,


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