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Throttle Control

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Having just finished the School at Watkins Glen, I have a question about throttle control AFTER the turn.


We worked a lot on throttle control in cornering, especailly after turning in; the main emphasis was to continue rolling on and to avoid "stalling" on the gas. My question is what kind of throttle control do you use after you get the bike upright, especially with a long straight in front of you like there are (3 of) at the Glen?


I found that my right hand was going numb from twisting the throttle as quickly as I could and that technique worked against the idea of "staying loose on the bars". What was I doing wrong here?



Kevin Kane

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by the time you get the bike upright, you should be WFO on the gas, so it's not a matter of quickly opening it up at any point along the way. part of your pain may be from how far the throttle has to travel in order to get to WFO.


if your throttle was anything like the stock one on my 99 R6, you ended up with your wrist tiwsted way under from the excess rotation needed to open the throttle all the way. i replaced it with an R1 throttle tube that gave a shorter turn length, and that has made all the difference.

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On my cbr600rr and past F4's, I use the stock 1/4 turn throttle. This is actually quite a long turn. What I do for this is keep a very loose grip, rock my hand WAY forward with my grip, and end up basically rolling the throttle back with my finger tips.


I don't twist the throttle as much as I "roll" it, like as if I were rolling a pencil backwards across a table with my palm/fingers. Once you're pinned, adjust your hand as appropriate.

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