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Spring Choices

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My wife and I are looking at taking either the 3/15-16 Sears Point classes or one of the March/April Streets of Willow Springs classes. I am a little concerned that the weather at Sears Point might be a littly "iffy" in March. Any thoughts? We are coming in from Ohio, so whatever Cali has is going to be better than home!


Also, my wife is about 5'4" with a 30" inseam. Her normal ride is a K75RT, not a small bike by any means, but it also has the BMW low seat, Fox short shock and one size smaller tires. Any feedback on the seat height of the S1000R? Any chance of a lowered one?





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Hi Eric,


Best bet for weather would be to come to the Streets of Willow Springs in Mar/April--great track, its in the desert, virtually never rains there (been going there since 1982). Some of those dates are already sold out, or close to it, so best to contact the office asap on that, just check on the dates you are thinking of, they can tell you where they stand.


We have one low bike, the F800S, with a lowered seat, that's one option. We can lower one of the S1000's, just haven't gotten to that yet. Again, when you contact the office, let them know, so we can work that out, get her assigned to that low bike.





ps--here is the contact info: 800-530-3350 or Whitney@superbikeschool.com

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