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Track Day Tires

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Ok... I am having a hard time figuring out what kind of tires to run on my SV650 for track days. I have seen many varied post on this subject... But, I would like to nail this down once and for all.


First the size... Rear: 160/60-17 Front: 120/60-17 (can run 120/70-17 up front). The reason I specified the size is that very few manufacturers make track quality tires in my size.


I am currently running Michelin Race H2's on it. They are ok, but I wanted to see if I can't find an even nicer track day tire. I have looked at Pirelli's Diablo Corsa's but was reading that they are "race-only" and only last ONE heat cycle. Is this true?


Basically, I am looking for a tire that will:


1. NEVER be run on the street

2. Give me excellent track grip

3. Last for many heat cycles (4+ track days) (my H2's have done this)


Any suggestions or ideas would be AWESOME! Also, if you have any pointers or experience, I would greatly appriciate that as well.


Finally, if you know of any places (reputable) that I can order these from, please also include the link.


Thanks in advance,


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Just a comment on the heat cycle issue. I don't know of any tire commercially available that is only good for ONE heat cycle. Unless of course, you were to use that single heat cycle to chew it off in a 6hr endurance or something.


Certain tires, compounds and types are more succeptable to heat cycles than others, but in general, any race tire should last you numerous days on an SV.


A good comparison on the effect of heat cycles is that tires are much like cookies. You heat them, they get soft. They cool, they harden. You reheat, they soften again. But you can only heat them so many times before they start becoming brick-like.


With the SV being such a competitive bike, I would think that most of the big rubber MFRs would have something for you (dunlop/metzler-pirelli/michelin). If I recall correctly, most of the SV's I see are running michelins.


(I'm not a tire expert, but I did stay at a holiday inn express last night :P )

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What do you mean "they (H-2's) are OK?" What do you expect a tire to do for you that these H-2's are not providing? BTW, do you know that Michelin also offers the same race tire in a medium and soft compound?


Kevin Kane



Don't get me wrong... I am no tire expert, nor track expert... Not even intermediate prolly... I guess I want to play the field a bit and see how they all compare. I have run OEM's and Pilot Sports on my busa and I LOVE the pilot sports for on the street. But, I feel like I have many options for the SV and I wanted to start asking around. I went ahead and ordered some Rennsports today (soft front and medium rear) and I will try them out for a bit. Truely I am new to this (been to 7 track days and a couple of classes).


I suppose the easy answer is I have no idea of what the H2 are or aren't doing for me. I want to switch it up a bit and start figuring that out. I only got my knee down for the first time 5 weeks ago...


One thing is for sure... I need to be more confident with throttle in the turn, because my front tire washes a hair sometimes and when I roll a bit on, it grabs nicely. It is disconcerting to me to have the front slip. I realize that I need much more work and perhaps I will sign-up for the Cornering School when it comes to Summit Point, WV.


Next month I will be asking about adjusting my suspension!


( ;


Thanks for the answers,


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I'm not sure if you have them in the US but we find the Dunlop 207RR to be a perfect choice. They run for days and heat cycles don't seem to give them a problem, namely I have yet to see a set go 'blue' on us.

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I like the 207RR's but seems they are discontinueing them over here. I'm gonna toss on a set of 002's to see what they do for me at the track. I'll post again in early Aug after the trackday and let you know. Med rear and soft front.

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