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Quick Turn Practice Helped

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I've been practicing my quick turns by scanning corners and, when it's safe, running the bike in deeper, looking for the vanishing point, then "throwing" the bike into the turn. (I wasn't looking for the apex or the exit because I wasn't trying to make the corner bigger. I just wanted a safe way to practice turning quicker.)


So today, I'm coming up to an intersection where I plan to turn right. This intersection has a chicane in the middle of it, and I have the green light. Just then, I notice a giant truck in the opposite lane! My attention has to go to the truck because it looks like he might turn left directly in front of me, and I need to keep the bike upright because I may need to do a panic stop. So, I'm watching the truck and when I reach my turn point, I just look away from the truck to the vanishing point and swoop right through through the chicane. It felt wonderful! No fuss. No stress. No panic. I knew what I needed to see, and knew I could turn that corner at the speed I was going. That's why I've been reading and practicing: to make the riding effortless, fun and safer.


Thank you Keith Code!

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