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Hello From India

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Hi All,


This is Vaibhav from India.


I have ridden on and off for 4 years, but its been only 6 months since I got my Ninja 250. (First job ~First bike)


I have been lurking on the forum for a while (while = a couple of months), and finally decided to do a post.


I just came across the forum through some other articles I was going through, and the same coincided with the me taking up riding seriously.


Got the Twist of the Wrist books too. Just Great!


I am decent at racing karts (have done a couple of national championships, won a couple of national corporate championships )

The last time I went to the local kart racing track I had the track record :). But its been six months and I would be happy to go back and find a new record. Something to go after.

Btw, some of the info mentioned in the twist of the wrist books is great help for kart racing too. Helps look at things in a new perspective


I have been riding since then. Eager to learn more..Chomping at the bit.


See you around.

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Welcome to the forum, glad you are up and posting.


Karts--that looks like a lot of fun, one of these days going to have to do some more of that.


Did you know that the UK branch of the school is doing a school in India? Just in case you are interested, pretty sure Keith himself is going down there this year too, January or February.


Get him to sign the book!




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Hello Vaibhav,


Welcome. Good to hear from you. You might be able to related to this story:


My wife and I were out driving one day in her Camaro and she said, "You know, you drive around corners a lot faster in the car than on the bike." Ayup. Sure enough. I have no problem sliding the car around, but I have great (and justified) fear about sliding the bike around, especially with my wife on the back! Still, I used a lot of the things from the Twist books and video to help my car driving (and occasional session on the kart track)--lines, turn points, getting on the gas early and so on--great fun!


One thing I learned in a car racing book is that good lap times on four wheels require a certain amount of sliding. There is still a fair amount of traction available after a four wheeler starts slipping that just isn't as controllable with two wheels. I watched an AMA Superbike race last year with the guy in first place backing it into every corner, while the guy right behind him hardly slipped at all. They were riding identical lap times. From what I've seen, sliding a motorcycle doesn't necessarily make you any faster.


Anyway, I'd certainly like to hear more about your experience of karts versus bikes.

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A quick thought:


Sliding alone might not make you faster

The conditions/corner play a huge part too.


Lets take karts for the first example; Some thoughts:

If it (track, ambient temp) is too hot and the kart is sliding (drifting ?) around anyway, going around corners might be a little faster if you anticipate (& partially cause) and guide the slide. However, if, for example, the grip levels are good; sliding it around too much might lose you time compared to what you would have done otherwise. You might feel good about sliding it around and suddenly you see a guy who's doing otherwise and going a lot faster. (Vice versa for low grip conditions)

However, there are certain corners where you can't help but drift a bit if you want to be quick and I think that should be natural. Holding a solid line there might cost you time.


Another e.g.

This week's motogp race at valencia@ The last corner. The guys were hanging the backs of their bikes out just to go around the corner quicker because that was the fastest way around. I think Stoner was faster by as much as 0.3 sec in qualifying in that one single corner due to him doing the part better than most.


As for bikes, I haven't tried sliding out too much (compared to karts where I have had many track days); but the same principles might/should apply there too.


Just a few thoughts.

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Thanks guys ! Looking forward to a great experience out here and hoping to learn quite a bit too.



Hi Vaibhav


It's great to see that you are on the forum and seeking to improve your riding. As Cobie mentioned earlier the school is coming to India, Chennai to be exact in the last week of January 2011. Keith himself along with the country heads from the UK, Australia and coaches from the USA, UK and New Zealand will be there.


If you are interested in doing this you can get more info at www.preethi.in . Yes that is Preethi the appliance company.


If you do make it to the schools please make sure that you introduce yourself to me as I will be there.





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Don't think I'm going to make that India trip :( but there will be some good guys there nonetheless (like Keith, Brouggy, Ibbott, etc.). Sigh.

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