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Private Trackday @ Srp - 8/30/04

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There is going to be a private trackday at Spokane Raceway Park on August 30th, 2004. It is a Monday and the track opens at 8 am and closes at 4pm. The whole day costs $110. If you have never ran at the track this might be a great opportunity for you. There will only be 8 people there so you will have lots of track time by yourself. All the riders are safe and catious. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hope to see you there.

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All is fine until you run off the track and bust yourself into a million pieces and are left for dead.

I am not sure who you ride with but we won't leave you to die if you run off track. And just for your info we will have a few people out on the corners if someone goes down (I am sure it will happen) with radios to call out a truck. There is even going to be an EMT on hand. Plus it is up the the individual person to ride on a trackday. It is a risk, but for $110 I will risk it. And I prefer to attack life instead of sitting on my butt responding to a post I have no buisness posting on.

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Just so happens that I had an off track adventure there and ended up nailing a nice juicey rock in prime run off. And my fellow racer, no more than a month later was off in the bushes for a full 3 minutes before a fellow racer stopped, the corner workers failed to notice him. Having shattered his body on another set of fine rocks, he was unable to move (nor stand up and wave for help) on his own. The good news... he didn't hit the frig.


But that was 3 years ago... maybe things have changed... it was a great track as long as you stayed on it. Please let me know if the rocks and other land mines have been removed. I would love to go back up there, if it has been cleaned up.


Heck if it is all taken care of, I would think it would be a good track for the Superbike School to run at.

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