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Body Positioning - Photo Review

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Happy New Year to all!!!


Just received my CODE RACE pictures from Etechphoto today. After reviewing I caught a few body position errors, ok, a lot of body position errors from the photos.


I remember at my level-4 school at Sears Pt. on 10/12/10 Cobie/Instructor was my on-track coach, said my hips were open to the turn but my shoulders where a little twisted the other direction, we worked on body position and it got a little better.


Then at CODE RACE Streets of Willows two weeks later, Cobie said the same thing when passing me. Pete was my coach that day, said yep, shoulders a little crossed, and head position was off, with a few other things. Spent time on stationary bike, one little gem Pete pointed out was that I needed to grip the handlebars like a "screw driver" which allowed me to drop my elbos and lower my shoulder. Anyway, I got better, but still not great.


After reviewing the pictures sent to me today, I now see exactly what Cobie and Pete where talking about. I'll be at Sears Pt. again in April, looking forward to getting this sorted so I can continue to improve and better my lap times.


One last thing, first session at CODE RACE my best lap was 1:43, my best lap on 2nd day was 1.28!!! A testiment to Pete, Cobie, and the other amazing coaches at the school, that practicing what they teach really does work, and I've been riding now for only 2-years.


Thanks guys, see you in April.



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Hi Greg,


It was a pleasure working with you at CODE RACE. :)


Body position is a pretty common bug, and it can take a lot of a riders attention. It's definitely more critical the faster you go, and now that your going faster, well the more critical it will be. :) Let's see if we can get it sorted out at the next school..!!



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