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Hi From The Uk

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Hi, just joined after watching the DVD, its really opened my eyes to riding my bike in a new way even though Im just a commuter and weekend rider. Also to thank Keith for a great DVD which will never be out of my DVD player.


Welcome to the forum Dave. If you found the DVD useful you will enjoy the wealth of information on this forum. There are a lot of people here that are willing to help explain the concepts and give advice on developing your skills. Jump in and post up.




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Hi DaveZ


Thanks for your kind comments on Keiths DVD, he pops in now and again, he'll be pleased no doubt to see your pleased with it. It is a very good insight to what we can do with the books and most productively with the coaching program which we run out of Silverstone in the UK.


You're more than welcome to post and ask any question you like on the forum, they're a very welcoming bunch on here, full of interest and desire for knowledge much like yourself really. Stick about, post some questions, and see what you can learn or share, perhaps we'll see you at a school some day?


Why not start by sharing with everyone what you ride, how long you've been riding, and what you feel your biggest challenges/barriers are right now?



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Hi again and thanks for the welcome, Im sure I will be popping in as I see there are some good write ups within the forum, my next step is to buy TOTW book as im sure it will expand on the DVD.


I have been riding on and off for some years but like most people I was programmed with the straight up and lean riding style, thats the way most seem to learn and to be honest I had never heard or thought of counter steering and only found out about this through a friend after I complained about the amount of understeer I was getting on my first sportsbike a CBR400 whos handling was known to be very good and wondering why I was running so wide on a supposed great handling bike, not thinking it was me and blaming the bike. Believe me I was the SR king without realizing it.


To give an example, a favourite fast corner that I could just say manage at 60mph if I was lucky, it was a 50/50 chance that I could make that corner without running wide into another lane, chopping the throttle, trail the brake, gritting my teeth! you name any SR you want, that corner and me had it.


Now that I have a basic understanding of counter steering, going with the bike, throttle control etc.. I can hit the very same corner at speeds well over 85 and feel confident and safe that I can hold a line every single time and even accelerating smoothly out holding a good line feeling a great achievment, this has given me great confidence. My goal is to get this right for every corner, not just the ones Im familiar with, I do realize I still have a lot to learn of course.





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