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Countersteering: Push Or Pull

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Wow, thread resurrection! A nice reminder that even threads that are years old, on this site, are a great resource for information. :)

Yes, whether you push or pull or do both is a personal preference and perfectly ok- as long as you know which way is the correct way to turn the bars for countersteering - and assuming you are not fighting yourself by pushing/pulling with one hand and resisting with the other, which is a surprisingly common thing that riders do, especially if tense or if they have some fear of leaning the bike over. 

Many of us have had the experience of riding one-handed on a bicycle (or motorcycle) and by necessity we were using both push and pull with that one hand, to steer - even if we didn't really think it through at the time. :)

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As a sort of 'add on' to this topic: back in '19 I was at Barber and was hitting a pretty solid pace and hit the point where for some of the faster sections I found I benefited from both pushing and pulling simultaneously to get a strong enough input in to overcome momentum and get the bike on lean/line without being too abrupt about it; in addition to weighting my outside peg which of course also can help.

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