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Another Great Barber Weekend!

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Well another great weekend at Barber with CSS!


Good to see some old friends at the school, meet and make some new friends, and work with a great staff, crew and instructors once again, making CSS the best time ever. Despite the unseasonably, miserably hot weather I don't think anyone was disappointed. Thanks again to all for making it "class" experience. Special shout to James, Andy & Joe!:)


Now if I can just keep my spine straight & my head cocked right...LOL. Time for some glasses that work under the helmet....and to get my body doing the right thing on the bike.


See you next year!




"Old Fart Racing"

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I was there for the 2 day camp and wow, it was the best thing I ever did. I loved it and my coach was awsome, thanks Loura. I prob still spelled her name wrong. In all, it seemed that all the coaches were excited to show us what they could and help us get better in increaseing our skill level. I am looking forward to next year if I can get the wife to let me spend some more money. I am also interested in what happens with the new track in New Orleans, La. I mentioned it to Mr Code and hopefully he will be able to get a class set up there as well (a lot closer to me).


Thank you all very much

Eric Bartram



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