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Mid-ohio Surface

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I've just signed up for Level III at Mid-Ohio next year and am wondering what it's like to ride on that track. I've done my previous track days at Watkins Glen but they didn't have that on the scedule for '05. I saw an AMA race there a few years ago and it looked like a fun track to ride, here are my questions:


- Do they use the same track setup (length) as during the AMA races?


- What is the condition of the surface? I heard AMA guys say that Mid-Ohio was one of the worst tracks because of all of the ripples and bumps through the turns.


- Any other thoughts/comments?



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Yes we use the same layout as the ama.


The track surface has many pavment to concrete transitions. They recently smoothed out these transitions with a machine that groves the pavment. Traction where it has been groved seems to be somewhat reduced but it's really not too bad. The track really isn't that bumpy, I think it's these transitions that people complain about most.


That said Mid Ohio is one of my favorite tracks. The track layout is WAY more fun and much safer then Watkins Glen. There are lots of hills and many different typse of corners. I'm sure your going to love it.

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This is Bill Green -- www.turbogreen850.gixxer.com


I did two levels in 04 at Barber...


---MID OHIO ---


Anything special about Mid Ohio that will help as I have never been there and there is a major event in two weeks.


I really want to get a top 5 in Expert on my GSXR1000.


Do you have any good track videos at Mid Ohio that would help?


Are there any specific reference points to look for in certain turns (ie. braking markers and such - I don't want to be lost out there without markers!)


You can also send me an email at GreenRacer6@Hotmail.com


Hopefully I will see you guys out at Laguna walking around, I cant wait for the GP!!!!!!!!!


Bill Green 850 Expert WERA, FUSA, CCS

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