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Level 4 – How Do You Decide What To Work On Next?

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Having an overall aim that you ultimately strive for might help? Mine's to learn as much as I can to improve my road riding (ok, so it's a lot of fun doing it but that's just something I have to endure). Once you know what your aim is you can brake it down into areas like braking and changing or quick turns etc. Another overall aim might be to maximise the speed at which you're still confident and comfortable in corners or to get within 110% of your favourite track's record? If you can find yours it might help? If you can't come up with something before the day maybe you just need to do a couple of laps in front of the instructor NOT trying too hard and see what he thinks the biggest area for improvement is? Hope this helps.

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I usually go in with a list of 2 or 3 things I think I need to improve upon. They can be as specific as "how to better transition from turn 7 to turn 8" or as general as "braking".


More often than not, my coach will find 7 other things I'm screwing up and then we just go from there :D .

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I'm also going with the notion that your coach will see what you need to work on each session and be able to give you the best guidance there is. Surely you can have personal goals of your own, and speaking with your coach is the best way to understand if your goals are inline with areas that you need to be improving on.


My *personal* progression was much like this:

  • Completed first level 4, was worlds better riding a motorcycle
  • Needed to work on body position, especially between my right and left turns, and being able to feel more 'loose' and comfortable on the bike.
  • Once I sorted out that, I was able to start going faster through corners. I needed to then roll back to the most basic of visual skills, the two step, in order to start feeling more comfortable with the speed.
  • Working fairly well with the two step in corners, I then needed to turn the bike faster, quick turn.
  • Now I needed to work on drive out of corners, the pickup.


So basically, you are always going to be going back to the basics, in my experience.


This season I want to work on my reference points. The coaches have noticed I am extremely good in certain corners, and other corners I am lacking. When they ask me to think about why, I realized it's because I was very comfortable with my reference points on my best corners.

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