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Nola In May 2012

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G'day fellers, looks like I'll be over to America in late May and June.

Unfortunately the dates of the schools don't line up with my planned rides apart from the 2 day camp at NOLA on the 28th-29th May.

Couple questions, is it a favourite track (like Barber is a favourite),how humid is it that time of year and are there any recommended Hotels/Motels?

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NOLA is a new track. They have not finished the grounds or most of the buildings yet. I don't know how complete the facility will be by the CSS date in May but it is a fun track and 4.32 kilometers. If you are going to come all this way you should stay in the French Quarter. You can get some good deals since it is the off season....no New Orleans Saints football or Mardi Gras. From the French Quarter, get on the GNO bridge and follow the West Bank Expressway to Lapalco Blvd then to Signet. The track is only about 8 miles from downtown New Orleans.


It will be humid. It is the deep South. No matter where you are in New Orleans you can throw a rock in a body of water. There is always seafood but this time of year there is an abundance. If it crawls, swims, or looks like it lives in or near the water, cajuns will cook it.


The track is flat. There is no elevation change unless you move your head up and down but they make up for this by the layout. There are several hard braking areas and very fast chicanes that will test your ability and bravery. The track is green and hardly wears the tire. The knee pucks just glide on the surface like you are ice skating. It's a good track to be riding a BMW S1000R.

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