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Recommended Set Up For 2008 Honda Cbr600Rr

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I already started looking into PC Tuning Centers for a possible dyno run or two, not for a HP increase but for that "nicer, smoother" throttle response. Sometimes it just feels a little too "twitchy" going from off to on. A WAF would definitely show something like a momentary lean condition at that time. Would the Auto Tune be able to clear that up?


The slipper clutch might be my next big purchase - I could have used it more than once at Thunderbolt :D .


Actually, my head is SPINNING trying to decide what to get next. The items are:


1. Camera & data logger set up

2. Slipper Clutch

3. Full Akrapovic exhaust

4. Auto Tune

5. Track bodywork

6. Engine Covers


Any suggestions?? I need to win the lottery!!!

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Glad you like the new toys Dan! :D


If you want to start doing some serious experimenting/tuning then you might want to get our Autotune and LCD. It will cost you bit up front, but will probably save you money in the long run if you have to take your bike back to the tuning center a few times. You will also get piece of mind with the tune, since you are the one doing it.


With the LCD you can datalog all of the channels on the PC5, Ignition Module and Autotune, so you can really see what the bike is doing. You can datalog while you ride and then look at the data in the pits or at home on your computer. The channels on the PC5 and Autotune that you can datalog includes RPM, throttle position, speed(if connected/calibrated), gear(if connected/calibrated), fuel change %, ignition change, injector duty cycle, and air/fuel ratio.


If you feel like spending the money on other toys, then I would just take it to the local tuning center like you said.


Just make sure that if you get the Autotune, that you block off the PARE valve on your bike before you turn on the Autotune. There should be instructions with the Autotune on how to do this. The PARE valve squirts fresh air from the airbox directly into the exhaust and the oxygen sensor of the Autotune will read this if you don't block it off. The Autotune will think that the engine is running lean and put a bunch of fuel in that area, even though the engine is not running lean.


This has been the cause of A LOT of tech calls for us, so just wanted to make sure that you get the info. ;)

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Thanks, Timmer. Does it make any sense to get the auto tune while still running the stock exhaust? I don't feel like the bike is underpowered (which is why a full exhaust isn't the first thing I'd like to get), I'd just like to optimize the way it runs, throttle response, etc. The auto tune / LCD set up is very trick :).


I did read that re: the PARE valve and the need to remove it if using auto tune (or anything with an O2 sensor, I suppose). There is a pretty good write up on how to remove it / block it off on 600RR.net.

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