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The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

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Well I finaly got to go to CSS for my level 1 day at NJMP! WOW. I am going to apologize up front for how long this is going to be. Please try not to fall asleep as you can really hurt yourself hittting your head on the keyboard! When we showed up promptley at 7:00AM it was raining and I was somewhat pessimistic (whinning) about riding in the rain. I was greeted by Kieth Code himself(thats right you actually can interact with him, I found him to be enthusiastic, reassuring, and humble) who explained to me that by the end of the day I would be praying for rain because I will love to ride in it! What is this you say..... I firmly do not believe it. Well to make this part short, he was right. I went faster and felt more confident on a wet track than I had in the past on a dry road. Okay so now you have my attention. When the track dried a little and we could start to push I again felt confident that I could handle it. There is no tricks here it is solid technique and once I got my brain to accept it even though I watched Twist 1&2 and read the books I still didnt really get it. It is when it is broken down in this format that you really get it. I actually said to myself in my helmit "ah ha"!

A few days later I was able to get out and ride a favorite twisty rode. I was very suprised to find that all of a sudden my FZ1 was not as much fun as the RR. I will have to suffer or convince my wife to get me one for my upcoming birthday. During the ride I felt confident and relaxed. Nope that school did not help me at all I am not any faster. It did not sink in untill I stopped for a cup of coffee that it wasnt that I didnt go any faster I simply was not runing into the barriers/SR's. I was running a pace that was a little faster than usual but it felt like I was going slow. So once again Keith and his team were right. Motorcycling is so much more enjoyable when you are not struggling to enjoy it! I am already contemplating were to take level 2, I think a different track might be fun.

Okay time to thank some people. Crystal, thank you for getting me were I needed to be when I needed to be there! I cannot believe you move all these people around at every class and havent gone off the deep end. Jessica you took one look at me grabbed some leathers a pair of boots and gloves. A perfect fit, I have had this body for 46 years and I cannot do that in a store. Cobie, Thank you for your input and assistance. My riding coach Gregg deserves a huge round of applause first because I can be a litle type "A" and secondly because of a track problem he was rushed, you did a great job and getting me to figure out the problems instead of telling me what was going wrong worked perfectly! To Trevor and Missy, thank you for keeping us as safe as possible on a racetrack! To Pete your classroom sessions were fun yet I got the point. I have had a lot of training for my work and I have had alot teachers. You are amongst the best. Finally to Keith, thank you for the insight, your kind words, your enthusiasim and most of all the team you have assembled. You gave me a gift that will keep giving. To anyone I did not mention I am truly sorry if I forgot you or did not meet you personaly. There is no way this could go as well as it did with out all of you. Because I did not mention your name does not mean I don't appreiciate your impact. Thank you all I hope to see you soon!





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Great too hear you had such a fantastic experience, as for your FZ1 not being as much fun, give it a few weeks. After 2 days of riding the S1000 coming home to mine it felt downright slow and under powered, I'd swear someone broke in and de-tuned my engine while I was at the track. But after a week or so I re-adjusted myself back to it and while in the back of my mind I know its not the fire breathing monster the S1000 is, I also know that my local windy roads are not a racetrack either. cool.gif

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Great Post Mark! The morning of my Level 1 was on a wet track and I'll admit I was down right scared (my first time on a race track and it's going to be wet?!?). The confidence that morning inspired was in itself worth the price of admission. This past May we had a full on rain day and (aside from the wet leathers) I was glad to have it. As Keith said to us back in that Level 1, "Take advantage of it because you can't order a rainy track day".


And T-Mc is right, give the FZ a few days...when I would get back on my K1200R after a day or two on the S1000RR I would be beside myself , "WHERE IS MY FRONT TIRE!" (the doulever front felt a bit ...vague after the S :D) After a few days it does get better (fair warning though - eventually the siren song got me and I bought one of those "fire breathing monsters").


Thanks for the great write up. It's fun hearing about other students' experiences and I know the folks who come here checking out the school appreciate the insight.


Let us know where/when you are doing your Level 2!




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Great stuff Mark!


I know that I benefited greatly from Level 1, even though I had read all the Twist books and seen the DVD as well. There is nothing like going and getting actual instruction, and it's really great that you get the same high level of instruction and information whether you're in the U.S. or Australia or anywhere in between!

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