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Little Improvement

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I completed level one at Rockingham Easter Sunday.


The day felt fantastic and I felt like I had made improvements, the two step especially seemed to help.


However after I completed a test day at silverstone followed by racing there on the Saturday. The test day felt alright and I was using the time to practise the two step and turning the bike quicker. On a couple corners it felt like it was turning quicker, the turning point was also later than the year before :D .


However come race day my times are no better than last year :angry: cornering does feel better but lap times are the same.


On the fastest corner the two step felt rushed not like at the school. On other corners it didnt feel right as there was no big yellow cross on the track ;)


Its possible that to get a higher corner speed im not breaking as hard going into the corners thus lap times stay the same.


Has anyone else found similar results or is it jsut me :unsure: . After the school how much track time would be expected before I could see results ... i know thats a bit of an open ended question but im starting to get fed up finishing in the last 5.


Any suggestions

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I had a similar experience last year going through the 2 day camp.


What I'm coming to realize is that I'm using old reference points and old techniques. This is especially present on the tracks I run most often. While I may be doing the right things, I'm not upping the pace to go with it.


You really need to relax and stop worrying about times. Cover your lap timer, and ride. Get to FEEL things and be POSITIVE, not focusing on all the negatives of the ride.


Faith and Confidence are pieces which you're missing (me too for that matter). You know what to do, you know it is right, you know you can do it all faster, but you still FEEL like something is gonna go wrong. This is based on the past experiences of crashing/sliding/etc which instill the fear inside you/me which limits us.


It's a mental game, not physical... work on your head, the rest will follow...

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Thanks JeF4y


I take it you have found improvement since then ?


I think the problem is even at practice (ACU race days) the pace is very hot. I think i am still rushing the corner and franticly trying to get the two step in and bike turned.


I end up having a momnet and backing off that corner.


Will take that on board and try and get some track time where i can ride at a slower pace thus practising the drills.

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Well ..........


For the first time since taking the school I went back to a track i know well but just on a track day.


It was wet for most of the day and I wa just concentrating on the drills learnt at level 1.


The sun came out at the end of the day.


I was lapping and having a good time not knowing I was been timed by a friend, I dont think i was pushing to hard as I still had a wet front tyre on ... the last session it was complely dry but didnt have time to change it.


The laps felt good and it was all coming together .. nice and relaxed and using the 2 step the corner speed felt better.


When I came back in I was told I had knocked 5 secs of my normal race pace :D:D AND THIS WITH A KNACKERED WET FRONT TYRE.


Well happy, kept the faith and its starting to come together.




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Congrats Doog!


Removing normal pressures of competition, whether it's against another rider or against the lap timer you're watching, or for the camera guy, etc, will definitely help with relaxation and the amount of FUN you have. When you're relaxed & having fun, you get into the flow of things and will perform much better (as you see)...

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Yes Yes and Yes! I haven't had anyone time me, but I feel faster when I ride alone. I'm more reserved when riding with buddies.(and still whoopin' 'em) I think it's because of a couple of low sides I had. It's embarrassing and I don't want to be ridiculed and lectured again. I really pushed to go faster before I understood the dynamics of cornering. Not to say I fully understand them now but, I am getting smoother. After two lowsides in as many weeks I began to focus more on my technique getting through the corner rather than my speed. Now I'm faster and smoother than ever with PLENTY of room for improvement of course. "You have to go slow to go fast." Now, I'm very curious as to what "Two stepping" is. Would someone like to elaborate? Jef4y? Master Code? anyone? anyone?

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Pick up TOTW-II, I think it's described in there. It's also covered in level one.


Short and sweet, it's finding your reference point for turn entry using your peripheral vision while watching for the apex of the turn and your turn exit points, then executing the turn.


It's kinda difficult to explain vice showing you...

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