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2-Day Css At Vegas Motor Speedway - Apr. 13-14, 2013

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3 buddies and I will be taking the 2-Day CSS at Vegas Motor Speedway on Apr. 13-14, 2013.


Obviously we are all quite enthused and are counting down the days before we head out to Vegas from NYC.


Some of my buddies are wondering if they should bring their own gear to CSS - helmet, gloves, boots, leathers?


I know the gear is all included with the 2-day CSS, but some think they will be more "comfortable" in their own gear.


I think that's a lot to lug over from NYC to Vegas.


What do you guys think?


Any other pointers and/or advice to making the most of our 2-Day CSS in Vegas?




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You will definitely be more "comfortable" in your own gear, which would make it a little easier to focus on your riding, you can Also bring some of your own gear and only use some of the school gear. If you were coming by car I would say bring your own, but with baggage fees on the airlines it could be something of a tossup.



Stay hydrated and rest up beforehand, expect two busy days of physical activity and plan accordingly



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I'm a little OCD. I bring my own gear no matter what. Their gear is kept in great condition, but I prefer my own gear. If you do use their gear, I would still bring under garments, helmet and gloves.


To each their own, but I'd pay the $35-$50 bag fee to use my own gear. .. .

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I myself would use my own gear. Remember that you only have $10.00 of attention. How much of that attention will you use by using unknown fitting gear. If you must rent gear then rent everything except the helmet and gloves, unless you wear the very same helmet the school rents....

I will use my own gear no mater what, but to each his/her own.

I am assuming that you and your buddies are flying, if so I would strongly urge each of you to carry on your helmets. You will be in control of your helmets at all times and not have to worry about how the baggage handlers treat them. If you can not carry on your helmets then make for sure that they are padded better than an egg that you would drop out of a 10 story building that you intend on cracking yourself for an omelet. I fly a lot more than I want to and have seen the results of baggage handlers and TSA, along with the answers the Airlines give after the fact.


Enjoy the school!!!

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