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Tire Plugs

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I get all my tire supplies from K&L supply. They are a wholesaler to dealers so you will have to ask around a little. They have all sizes of the nippled patches I use and the rope plugs.

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I've always thought I'd never use a plug until I got caught out about thirty miles from home with a screw in my tire and no way to change it. Fortunately, a great stroke of luck found me in the hands of a private mechanic with a plug. This, by the way. was a three week old tire on a three week old bike so I didn't want to eat the cost of an almost new tire. The Bridgestone Battleaxe don't come cheap. So Carmine quickly and easily put the plug in and I got to use the tire. Plugs have won a place in my tool kit.

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I'm going to assume the type of plug your chance mechanic installed was the smaller push in from the outside style plugs, which are great in a pinch but are not the best long term fix. The type of plug I was asking Will about is a much larger and more permanent style that requires removal of the tire from the rim for installation.


Here's a few pictures of those tire plugs, with a quarter for size comparison






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